The “Values” and “Principles” that IGI Holdings Limited (formerly IGI Insurance Limited) [IGI] has developed over the years are adhered to by all employees within IGI and its subsidiary companies. Following are some salient features of the code of conduct:

The Company’s operations and activities will be carried out in compliance with the law, regulations, statutory provisions and ethical integrity. All IGI employees are committed to fulfill their duties with utmost sincerity and fairness.

In conducting its business IGI is inspired by acts in accordance with the principles of loyalty, fairness, transparency and efficiency.

All employees of IGI shall avoid conflict of interest while conducting IGI’s business and ensure that their judgment is not influenced whenever there is a prospect of direct or indirect personal gain.

The employees of IGI should not take advantage of the Company’s information or property for personal gains. Any member of IGI shall not disclose or reveal any information which is confidential in nature or any such information which may benefit the employee directly or indirectly.

All employees of IGI are forbidden to pass on inside information at any time to any other person, inside or outside the company. Inside information refers to information about IGI, its business, or any other companies doing business that is generally not known to the public, but if known would affect the price of a company’s shares or influence a person’s investment decisions.

IGI has a culture of zero tolerance towards fraud and maintains the highest standards of prevention, detection and remediation. All IGI staff members are responsible for ensuring strong, robust and effective fraud control.

Employees of IGI shall not use company resources for the benefit of political parties or any association directly or indirectly connected to a political party.

It is the responsibility of all the employees at IGI that while dealing with government agencies, external agencies, suppliers, consultants and individuals to exercise good judgment, so as to act in a manner that will not damage the integrity and reputation of the organization.

Every employee of IGI has the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment, whether it is based on a person’s race, color, ethnic or national origin, age, gender or religion.

IGI is an equal opportunity employer. All phases of the employment relationship including recruitment, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfers, layoff and leaves are carried out by all managers without regard to race, color, ethnic and national origin, age, gender or religion.

All employees are responsible for the security of authorized access to and proper use of IGI physical and intangible assets any third party assets in custody with an employee.

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